Winter War battle 2

The Soviet spearhead advanced into Finland. The Finns torched any buildings that could offer shelter the invaders, blew up all the bridges and felled trees to slow down the Soviets.  The first phase of the battle was a cavalry advance by the Russians. This forced the Finns to deploy most of their troops on the table. The cavalry then retreated and the main battle started. Lieutenant Sasha Fermentov, a collective farm supervisor managed to liberate a double portion of vodka to his tired platoon, and ordered his men to join hands and march in formation, singing revolutionary songs. This raised the spirits of the men new heights as they tramped towards the Finnish lines (the Soviet player used a campaign card “Parade march into Finland” and used his support points to buy vodka to raise his force morale). Their objective was a hill with a Finnish bunker the cavalry had identified earlier. The Soviet advanced with their tanks in the lead. The Finns ambushed the first tank with satchel charge but the Soviets played a campaign card “Frosty fingers” which caused the charge to misfire. The Soviet infantry started fanning out and engaging the Finns. The gutsy defenders tried ambushing the tank again, and managed to blow one of it’s tracks.  The tanks was still engaging the Finns and they tried to finally blow it up with satchel charges. The team was interrupted by a bayonet charge, led by sergeant Roman Gurkin, a veteran of the Polish campaign. He was wounded, but still managed to drive the Finns away and save the tank. The rest of the Finns soon decided to retire from the field, leaving behind a wounded sergeant and some men. The Soviets were happy they did not have to charge the entrenched Finns, being tired and drunk. The Soviet officers  decided to stop and rest for the night. The following dispaych was sent from divisional headquarters to the Press officers: Tonight our troops continued their liberation of the hard working proletariate of the beautiful country of Finland from the vile clutch of Tannerite warmongers and Western mercenaries and their capitalist puppetmasters. In valiant disregard of the deadly traps laid by the white bandits, and in high spirits, our men brushed away the puny opposition of the spineless enemy. The local inhabitants greeted our men with tears of joy streaming, and heartily joining our brave lads in singing the... read more

Winter War begins

We fought the first battle in our Winter of No Surrender campaign. The Red Army crossed the border at Rajajoki with two sections of border guards and a section of engineers. The battle ended in a major Finnish victory.

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Winter War Campaign

Winter of No Surrender Winter of No Surrender (WoNS) is part of our official WWII CoC Grande Campaign. Players on both sides will have their own player characters leading platoons (on the Finnish side) and companies (Soviet side) / other forces and engage in historical scenarios over 105 days of fighting on the Karelian Isthmus. Any characters surviving the Winter War can then be used in the Continuation War (1941-1944). Currently we have a full complement of Soviet players (two companies) and one Finnish player. Additional players are welcome as regulars or occasional participants. The campaign features… * Updated character generation and national characteristics for both sides * Updated support options and non-player hero characters for both sides * Revised arsenal tables for both sides * A lavish complement of Campaign Cards with that special Winter War flavor * Updated rules including night fighting, artillery and air bombardments, anti-aircraft fire, captured equipment, Commissars, surprise, fatigue, Finnish radio broadcasting company interviews, skis, regimental bands, shrapnel and the Ukranian Wickerwork Factory Number 18… * Full campaign ladder with historical timeline set on the Taipale sector of the Karelian Isthmus * Complex historical situations and battles drawn from dozens of books and period documents * A few surprises * An already exhausted campaign GM… The campaign is set to start on Monday, November 28th at 1730 hours at the Club with an initial scenario and will be continued as figure etc. requirements are fulfilled. Intro to the Winter War campaign:   Rajajoki border crossing, November 30, 1939, 06.40 am. Here Rajajoki (literally ”Border River”) forms the border between Finland and the Soviet Union. For weeks the men have stared at each other over the bridge spanning the river… the Russian border guards at one end of the bridge, the Finnish ones at the other. Not a word has been said.  It is of course all the fault of Adolf Hitler and Iosif Stalin. These leaders of the world’s two most criminal regimes have also spent ages watching the other’s every move. To many an independent observer it has been clear that sooner or later the two will turn on each other and when they do the world will be engulfed in fire. The dictators themselves also seem to believe this. When in 1938 Nazi Germany annexed Austria and parts of Czechoslovakia the Soviet Union begun top secret security negotiations with Finland. The Soviets were worried that despite a 1932 non-aggression treaty Finland might... read more

Playing a bit of CoC and Longstreet

Heikki organised a CoC game based on a historical WW2 battle with a long range Finnish patrol fighting NKVD troops. History was reversed, the Finns launched furious charges and decimated the Soviets with their SMG fire. Heavy casualties all round. On another table Petri’s confederates trashed Eero’s Union army in a 1861 Longstreet game. As... read more

Additions to the Club’s WWII arsenal, Allies

Some additions to the Club’s WWII vehicle selection. British, desert camo: 3x Matilda II Grant Lee Crusader M4 Sherman 4x Universal Carrier Daimler Mk II Armoured Scout Car LRDG Chevrolet Truck LRDG Willy’s Jeep   British, green camo Bishop (25-pdr on Carrier Valentine) Leyland Retriever Truck   French Somua... read more

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