Painting & Modeling

Spanish Militia Uniforms in May 1808

This is a list of the uniform colours of Spanish Militia and Provincial Grenadier battalions in May 1808. It is based on a scan of a primary document I found on the website of the Ciudad Real tourist board, and I have translated (imperfectly, I’m sure) the main table here. Most of the battalions are dressed (at least temporarily) in brown …

Battle reports

Force on Force 1984 Campaign 3

We got the FoF campaign rolling. The games re actually very quick to run and you can play 2 or even 3 during an evening. To add variety we had charts from which we could purchase assets for each game after rolling how much points we had to spend. Unlike our normal games we also used the fog of war …

Russians for 1808-1809

The Russian army was in a state of transition during the 1808 war with Sweden. They were changing into a new high level organization, new uniforms and flags were introduced, and it seems that new infantry tactics were tried out.

Finnish flags

Most of the regiments used the provincial coat of arms as the emblem in their colours. In most cases each regiment had the same number of colours as it had batallions or squadrons. Jaegers had no colours. The pdf file below has a number of ready-to-print flags.

Swedish uniforms

In these tables you’ll find info on the uniform colors used by Finnish and Swedish units. Info on the equipment can be found on the painting the miniatures -page.

Painting Finns

Here are tips how to paint your Finnish figures. They are written especially for 15mm figures but apply well to 28mm figures as well. We’ve aimed to get everything as “right” as possible but also tried skimming away as much unnecessary time spent on painting as possible.