Battle reports

Shiver me timbers matey

After summer holidays it was time for some naval action, this time with David Manley’s rather spiffing Form Line of Battle rules. Three ships a side, Swedes against Russians. Fun and furious game, but it might make sense to adjust the boarding rules to make it even more difficult to grapple and board enemy ships. The Swedes managed to lose …

Refight of Lapua 14th of July 2008

General de Brigade scenario details are here. Setup for the game. Russian forces occupy Suurkylä (Lapua proper) on lower left and Liuhtari on lower right as well as crossroads inside the forest east of Liuhtari. Finnish forces start advancing from north. 4th brigade skirmishes through the woods towards SE and 2nd brigade trundles through the rye fields towards Suurkylä. Russian …

Russians for 1808-1809

The Russian army was in a state of transition during the 1808 war with Sweden. They were changing into a new high level organization, new uniforms and flags were introduced, and it seems that new infantry tactics were tried out.

History of the Russo-Swedish War

Background The defeat of the Russian army at Friedland in 1807 brought end to the third coalition against France. With this victory and Treaty of Tilsit, Napoleon was virtually the master of western Europe, all the way to new Duchy of Warsaw.