Shiver me timbers matey

After summer holidays it was time for some naval action, this time with David Manley’s rather spiffing Form Line of Battle rules. Three ships a side, Swedes against Russians. Fun and furious game, but it might make sense to adjust the boarding rules to make it even more difficult to grapple and board enemy ships. The Swedes managed to lose their flagship early on as captured, and the game ended with one of the remaining ships striking it’s colours after being shot to shreds. At least they managed to cause a fire in the rigging of one of the Russian... read more

Blitzkrieg Commander II – Early Russian Front 1941

We had a BKC 2 game set in 1941 Ukraine to have a go with the BKC campaign rules and see how the glorious march of the panzers / glorious defense of the motherland would go. Well, the panzers rolled over the obsolete Russian tanks.

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Roundway Napoleonic Russians – mini review

A fellow gamer recently asked online whether anyone has information on Roundway 15 mm Russian Napoleonics. This is a lesser known brand manufactured by Navwar in the UK. As it happens, I have quite a few of their figures. I quickly took a few snaps of the figures I had lying around, so that you can get an idea of the range. They are relatively simple castings, close to real 15 mm in scale, single pose, and are a good choice if you want to churn out a large force quickly. They are also very very affordable. If on the other hand you are looking for the intricate detail of Anthony Barton’s work, then these are not your cup of tea. These figures were painted a long time ago for our Russo-Swedish war of 1808-09 project, and I was aiming for speed rather than beauty. I used them alongside Minifigs early Russians, and they mix fairly... read more

Oravainen March Attack OB

Here is the MA Oravainen PDF containing the OB that was put quickly together (plenty of generalization) by Aksu to give March Attack rules. The battle report  can be found here. read more

Oravainen with March Attack

Since we’ve been using the modified version of the rules for ACW we wanted to see how the proper nappy March Attack  was supposed to work so dug up the board and 15mm miniatures for the largest battle of the Russo-Swedish War of 1808 that we did for our 1808 project. With March Attack we noticed that the artillery ranges were extremely short, artillery fire with just a few guns was  extremely inefficient unless they were 12 pounders at point blank range, the infantry fire was lethal especially for such small battalions and that rolling for regroup with just one die roll for the formation was a bit chancy (better roll separately for each unit so it evens out in the end). All in all the system seems to be well suited for larger battles with plenty of formations being fed to the meat grinder after one another! You can get the March Attack OB for the scenario from here. The original maps of the battle, General de Brigade OBs and a short recap of the historical battle are in our main 1808-09 scenario page here.     JanneL (Played: Nov 12th  Swedes: Mr V. Finns: JanneL. Russians:... read more

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