Shiver me timbers matey

After summer holidays it was time for some naval action, this time with David Manley’s rather spiffing Form Line of Battle rules. Three ships a side, Swedes against Russians. Fun and furious game, but it might make sense to adjust the boarding rules to make it even more difficult to grapple and board enemy ships. The Swedes managed to lose their flagship early on as captured, and the game ended with one of the remaining ships striking it’s colours after being shot to shreds. At least they managed to cause a fire in the rigging of one of the Russian... read more

Battle of Coronel 1914

We fought out the Battle of Coronel using 1/3000 ships from Navwar and the Stations Manned and Ready 2 rules. In true wargaming fashion both admirals were aggressive.

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Napoleonic warships – Model of the day

British and Swedish warships, 1/1200 scale models from Navwar. Our favorite ruleset is Form Line of Battle by A&A game... read more

Model of the day – ACW Monitor

USS Squando in 1/1200 scale by Navwar. From Aksu’s... read more

Form Line of Battle

This ruleset by David Manley, published by A&A game engineering, is probably the best napoleonic naval set we have played. Five thumbs up!

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