Playing a bit of CoC and Longstreet

Heikki organised a CoC game based on a historical WW2 battle with a long range Finnish patrol fighting NKVD troops. History was reversed, the Finns launched furious charges and decimated the Soviets with their SMG fire. Heavy casualties all round. On another table Petri’s confederates trashed Eero’s Union army in a 1861 Longstreet game. As... read more

Longstreet, last battle of 1862

Our second Longstreet campaign has reached the end of 1862. Eero (CS) and Janne (US) had the honour of finishing the year. The battle was light in casualties, but both armies were decimated by disease afterwards. Janne won the encounter, placing the US firmly in the lead in battles won.     ... read more

Longstreet 1862

Our second Longstreet campaign had reached the year 1862. Today Eero is leading the confederate defence against Janne’s Union forces. This is a 2 vs 2 game, Antti as the other confederate and Petri playing the NPC Union General.    The battle rages on. Let’s see who will win, who will be the hero of the... read more

Longstreet battle 2

Eero (CS) and Petri (US) fought yesterday in a nail-biting-finale Longstreet game. The confederates were defending a rail embankment, the union were massed behind a stream ready to attack.     In a cunning stratagem the confederates launched a spoiling attack with their cavalry, trapping the union behind the stream. On the other flank the union pushed forward in a large wood. The confederates launched a general advance at full run. However the union were able to cause horrendous casualties with their well aimed sniping and clever delaying tactics. The confederate forces tried in vain to cross bayonets with the union. The union however launched furious charges, which failed to cause grievous casualties.    In the end the confederates teetered near exhaustion due to the casualties (two regiments were shot to half their strength) and the union were close to exhausting their resources – and so it came to be that the union decided to retreat from the field when they ran out of ammunition (deck exhausted). Eero was promoted after winning the battle. Epic points were 3 for Eero (2 for battle, 1 for win), 4 for Petri (2 for battle, 1+1 for epic... read more

Longstreet rides again

We fought the First battle in our second Longstreet campaign. True to form Aksu lost even though we had switched sides and he had Confederates this time. Janne’s Union forces fired straight and true and the Rebs left the field in tatters.     ... read more

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