Napoleonic TV – Captain Coignet

Found a nice old gem from youtube the other day, a French Canadian co-production of the life and adventures of Capitaine Jean Roch Coignet Grenadier de la Garde Impériale. This is a dramatisation of the notebooks of a napoleonic guardsman, who served all the way through from the Italian Campaign of 1800 to Waterloo in 1815. The production quality and historical accuracy is fairly good, even though the series is quite old. It was made in 1969 when computer generated extras were not available, and the battle sequences don’t have thousands of extras milling around. You had to have access to thousands of red army conscripts to do the big battles in those days. Recommended for Napoleonic buffs. The books are available from Amazon as well. Kindle: Notebooks of Captain Coignet Paperback: Captain Coignet – A Soldier of Napoleon’s Imperial Guard from the Italian Campaign to Waterloo... read more

British square – Model of the Day

JanneL’s British square squaring off with PetriV’s French and Polish... read more

15 mm Napoleonic battle – Model of the Day

Grandee Armee clashing with the British in one of our 15 mm battles. Featuring PetriV’s extensive collection of Essex figures, and JanneL’s British... read more

Albuera 1811 orders of battle

This pdf document lists the forces we employed in our Albuera 1811 refight. We used Shako rules, so each unit is a battalion / cavalry regiment, and each player controlled a division. Albeura 1811 order of... read more

Albuera 1811

On May 13th 1811, while beginning to lay siege to Badajoz, Beresford received news that a French relief force of some 25,000 men, led by Marshal Soult, were on their way from Seville. Beresford marched south with 32,000 British, Portuguese and Spanish troops, and on May 15th reached the small town of Albuera. The forces would clash in a bitter, bloody fight… The idea for the Albuera project rose from another project -that of Russo-Swedish war of 1808 where Sweden lost Finland to Russia. Gemigabok members have been toying with the idea of doing refights of several 1808 battles and instead of doing them as just one offs what would be grander than playing these refights on the exact dates of the battles during the 200th anniversary in 2008? Albuera project was started because we needed to have a testing ground for the ideas we had for the 1808 project. Since we already had been collecting armies for Peninsular War it was easy to decide that the test battle would be from Peninsular War. Initially considered Talavera was deemed too large for the first project hence we decided on Albuera. Additional criteria was the involvement of all the three nationalities, French, Spanish and Anglo Portuguese. Also the opposing forces were roughly of the same size. Part 1 – Building the game boards Part 2 – The figures Part 3 – The refight... read more

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