Winter War begins

We fought the first battle in our Winter of No Surrender campaign. The Red Army crossed the border at Rajajoki with two sections of border guards and a section of engineers. The battle ended in a major Finnish victory.

Winter War Campaign

Winter of No Surrender Winter of No Surrender (WoNS) is part of our official WWII CoC Grande Campaign. Players on both sides will have their own player characters leading platoons (on the Finnish side) and companies (Soviet side) / other forces and engage in historical scenarios over 105 days of fighting on the Karelian Isthmus. Any characters surviving the Winter …

A Company of Finns – Model of the Day

Four platoons on 20mm Finns converted from Revell, Airfix and Matchbox Germans and Russians. In the front there is the company commander flanked by ammo supply and dressing station. Notice how the platoons can be distinguished from the terrain features or from the color band on the back which also contains numerical designation for each unit.