Albatros D.III – Model of the Day

Getting slightly better at painting the wood. More subtle effect works better. read more

Albatros C.III – Model of the Day

1/72 Albatros C.III from Pegasus. This was my first try of painting wooden fuselage and the effect should be way more... read more

Albatros D.III – Model of the Day

1/72 Esci Albatros D.III with transfers from a Roden kit. Pilot: Bruno Lörzer. When I was a kid I found a place that was clearing the Esci kits for like 80 cents or so (5 FIM) so I bought a bundle as well as Microscale decals to make plenty of beautifully colorful biplanes. Having bought the Roden kit I noticed that it had decals for some 8 nice looking planes and with better painting guides to boot. Still have several unused decals from it I want to put into... read more

L.F.G. Roland C.II – Model of the Day

1/72 model for Canvas Eagles by Airfix. Pilot: Ritter von... read more

German Balloons – Model of the Day

Some German balloon markers done for our 1/72 Canvas Eagles campaign. Made from modelling clay and florist’s wire and the ack ack tufts are obviously made from bits of... read more

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