Blitzkrieg Commander II – Early Russian Front 1941

We had a BKC 2 game set in 1941 Ukraine to have a go with the BKC campaign rules and see how the glorious march of the panzers / glorious defense of the motherland would go. Well, the panzers rolled over the obsolete Russian tanks.

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6mm trees work in progress

I recently ordered a bunch of 30 mm high trees from a Chinese seller on eBay. 100 trees for 8 quid, delivered post-free in a week and a half. I have to say I am pleased with the product, the price-quality ratio can not be beaten easily (although I am a bit worried about the kind of work-life balance the people who make this product have). The trees are twisted and painted wire, with flock-clumps to represent the foliage. Not the sturdiest construction I’ve seen, but they seem to be good enough to sustain the rigours of gaming. Everestmodel is the seller, and here is a link to the trees on eBay. Anyway, the picture shows a quick test how these trees work with 1/300 scale figures, in this case a Cold War Commander tank. Seems just perfect to me. I’ve been planning to base the trees 3-5 to a base, and multiple bases to cover a wooded... read more

Infantry Battalion 1939-40 – Model of the Day

6mm Navwar figures for western desert based for Spearhead. 4 companies, support company and battalion... read more

Battlefront WWII Campaign 2

The training sessions of 504 Parachute Infantry Regiment of 82nd Airborne in North Carolina continue in 1942 as Company Aksu was given an order to keep control of the bridge with Company Eero acting as reserve initially located in the nearby village. Their opponent, company Janne, was ordered to engage the enemy and take control of the bridge. The attack was two pronged with two platoons (yellow arrow) assaulting the Aksu’s MG positions (pink) in the woods from the side and another, slightly delayed, assault with one platoon (blue arrow) on the units in the immediate vicinity of the bridge to tie them up. Company Eero surprisingly managed to immediately get busy when the alert on Janne’s attack came and thus, even though the MG bunker was quickly overtaken, the whole attack teetered on disaster against superior enemy numbers. Aksu’s units guarding the bridge immediately forsook their initial positions to give assistance on the hard pressed comrades in the woods which enabled Janne’s remaining platoon to take their positions in the wooded hill even if it was almost annihilated when Aksu’s units turned back. Meanwhile in the main engagement Janne, against all odds, managed to hold Eero back. The woods of the MG position witnessed some fierce hand to handcombat as both sides launched counterattack after counterattack and, if memory serves me well, the matter was finally solved between Janne’s and Eero’s company commander stands. At the same time Aksu’s troops were also pummeled into submission and received enough enough casualties to rout and thus company J won. Janne L (Played: Nov 26th. GM: Mr V. USA: Aksu, Eero, Janne... read more

Winter war dogfight – Model of the day

  Heroics and Ros 1/300 planes – Finnish Fiat G.50s preying on Soviet SB-2... read more

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