Painting Finns

Here are tips how to paint your Finnish figures. They are written especially for 15mm figures but apply well to 28mm figures as well. We’ve aimed to get everything as “right” as possible but also tried skimming away as much unnecessary time spent on painting as possible.

Converting figures

The problem in making a 1808 Finnish army in any scale is that almost all the figures available have the uniform of 1810 pattern. Luckily the differences aren’t that big and passable 1802 pattern uniforms can be converted quite easily the smaller the figure scale is. Also there are usually smaller details in the miniatures which are wrong when compared …

Figures – Swedes and Finns

We’ve reviewed each manufacturer’s entire 15 mm napoleonic Swedish -range even though these all include figures unusable for the war of 1808. Also please bear in mind that our knowledge on such troops isn’t up to par with the 1808 stuff. If you are knowledgeable in such matters and see blatant mistakes by us please feel free to drop us …

History of the Russo-Swedish War

Background The defeat of the Russian army at Friedland in 1807 brought end to the third coalition against France. With this victory and Treaty of Tilsit, Napoleon was virtually the master of western Europe, all the way to new Duchy of Warsaw.

15mm Russo-Swedish War 1808-09

Read how we refought six key battles on the 200th anniversary of the Russo-Swedish war 1808-09.   Read more Introduction History of the War Battles we recreated Figure reviews Finnish and Swedish uniforms Flags for Finnish and Swedish regiments Converting figures for Finns and Swedes Painting Finnish and Swedish figures Advice on modeling the Russian Army Advice for basing figures …