Playing a bit of CoC and Longstreet

Heikki organised a CoC game based on a historical WW2 battle with a long range Finnish patrol fighting NKVD troops. History was reversed, the Finns launched furious charges and decimated the Soviets with their SMG fire. Heavy casualties all round. On another table Petri’s confederates trashed Eero’s Union army in a 1861 Longstreet game. As... read more

A few more men for the Sun King

A quick snap of another battalion of Pendraken 10 mm figures from the League of Augsburg range. Walloons in the French army.... read more

Video tutorial: How to make spears

Here is a short video tutorial on how to make realistic wire spears for your miniatures. In this example we use Pendraken 10 mm League of Augsburg figures and 30 mm... read more

Longstreet, last battle of 1862

Our second Longstreet campaign has reached the end of 1862. Eero (CS) and Janne (US) had the honour of finishing the year. The battle was light in casualties, but both armies were decimated by disease afterwards. Janne won the encounter, placing the US firmly in the lead in battles won.     ... read more

Regiment Lorraine in 10mm

I finished Louis XIV’s Regiment Lorraine in 10mm scale. I used 32 figures from the excellent Pendraken League of Augsburg range, my first choice for the army of the Sun King.

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