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Additions to the Club’s WWII arsenal, Axis

Some additions to the Club’s WWII Axis vehicle selection. German, winter camo SdKfz 265 panzerbefehlswagen (command Pz I) SdKfz 250 Pak 36 Pak 42 Motorcycle with sidecar   German Jagdtiger Panzerjäger I SdKfz 265 panzerbefehlswagen (command Pz I) Pz I Pz II SdKfz 251 Kübelwagen Motorcycle with sidecar   Japan Type 1 Ho-Ni I tank destroyer (75mm)

CoC Nijmegen taking the rail bridge

The weakened paratroopers advanced swiftly towards the Northern side of the rail bridge. Aksu advanced along the rail line  in a small wooded area. Eero’s line of advance was more open and led him into a suburb. True to form Aksu advanced cautiously, using his scouts to flush out the jerries. Eero was more aggressive, charging the Germans in some …