These scenarios are the battles that occured in our Blitzkrieg Commander campaing inspired by Operation Bagration, the Soviet 1944 summer offensive in Belarus. By this time the Soviets had truly mastered the art of Blitzkrieg, and in a lightning campaign they destroyed the German Army Group Center and liberated vast tracts of Soviet Union from occupation. Wehrmacht would never recover from the crippling losses suffered at the hands of the Red Army.

The scenarios are not balanced, some of them are decidedly one sided. For example the Soviets have an almost impossible task in Scenario 2. Feel free to tweak these if you intend to play them as competitive games. After action reports are available at our blog.

Practice scenario

A small mixed German force tries to stop a Soviet attack.

All handouts (140 kB pdf)

Scenario 1

The Soviet attack catches the retreating Germans at a river crossing, but runs into a fresh strong armored unit.This was the first appearance of the Reconnaissance Battalion.

All handouts (250 kB pdf)

Scenario 2

After beating back the advancing Soviets in scenario 1 the Germans retreated to defensive positions behind the river. The Reconnaissance Battalion was placed a few kilometers behind the front line. The Soviet attack succeeded in creating a major breakthrough North of the battalion positions.

While the main Soviet breaktrough continues West towards Stayki, a Soviet motorized regiment tries to capture a vital crossroad behind the German front lines.

Umpire’s handouts (295 kB pdf), German handouts ( 2 MB pdf), Soviet handouts (2 MB pdf)

Scenario 3

The Tiger tanks attached to the Reconnaissance Battalion decimated the Soviet flanking force and the Germans started pulling back before being cut off by the main Soviet breakthrough to their flank. Unfortunately the motorized Soviets had already reached the bridges in the German rear.

Retreating Germans attempt a river crossing in face of strong Soviet opposition.

German handouts (1.8 MB pdf), Soviet handouts (1.8 MB pdf)

Scenario 4

Their first attack being repulsed, the Germans regroup and attempt a new attack against the Soviet defenders in the village

German handouts (2 MB pdf), Soviet handouts (1.9 MB pdf)

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