Our second Longstreet campaign had reached the year 1862. Today Eero is leading the confederate defence against Janne’s Union forces. This is a 2 vs 2 game, Antti as the other confederate and Petri playing the NPC Union General.

The battle rages on. Let’s see who will win, who will be the hero of the day.

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  • akselianttila September 29, 2015 at 08:53

    Outcome: The Blue and Gray armies clashed yesterday near Devil’s Knob, a gnarly hill somewhere near Chickahominy River in the Peninsula. The defending Confederates anchored their line with the brigade of general de Pannage. This was the anvil of their line, and the mounted Texan brigade of general Edington was the hammer that crashed into the lines of the Union general Osterberg, while the Union commander Craft looked on.
    Three magnificent mounted charges were launched headlong into the blue lines before the exhausted Texans turned tail and rode off the field. Much honour and laurel wreaths of eternal fame were gained by the hard fighting generals Walker and Osterberg on the slopes of Devil’s knob. The commanding generals Craft and de Pannage were mentioned but briefly in the papers.


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