Battle reports

CoC Nijmegen,  crossing the Waal

The third battle in our Chain of Command Nijmegen campaign saw Aksu and Eero as the paratroopers of the 504th cross the Waal river. The actual crossing and the losses we suffered depended on pure luck. Both platoons lost a third of their strength to German fire. 

The tabletop game depicted the last 150 yards the paras had to cross to reach the flood walls and the entrenched Germans.

Ville played the small German force. His deployment was hampered by the continous Alied off-board bombardment. He was able to bring one squad to face Eero, but on the other flank the Germans refused to get up and fight before Aksu’s paras overran their position. Eero lost several men, Aksu’s on table losses were all recovered after the battle. 

The surviving American paratroopers dashed off towards the next battle, trying to reach the Northern end of the two bridges. 


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