Battle reports

CoC Nijmegen campaign, game 2

In the second fight in our Market Garden campaign Aksu’s platoon from the 504 Parachute infantry was tasked to scout the outskirts of a town and pick up any transport and prisoners they could. The paras advanced cautiously. The Germans harassed them with long range MG fire from a building while simultaneously deploying a squad of poorly trained sailors to hit the Americans in the flank. The sailors were quickly mowed down by aggressively advancing squad of yanks, while the first squad went for the town.

 The Germans in the town decided to make a break for it, boarded their trucks and cars and sped away past the surprised paratroopers. It did not take long for the paras to gather their wits and blast one truck with a bazooka. Unfortunately the truck was full of panzerfausts, which would have been useful to capture intact. Instead all the paras could loot was a charred, dented can of ersatz sausages. The senior officer was the only German escaping from the battlefield, speeding away in his souped up Volkswagen sturmbuggy.



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