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Additions to the Club’s WWII arsenal, Allies

Some additions to the Club’s WWII vehicle selection. British, desert camo: 3x Matilda II Grant Lee Crusader M4 Sherman 4x Universal Carrier Daimler Mk II Armoured Scout Car LRDG Chevrolet Truck LRDG Willy’s Jeep   British, green camo Bishop (25-pdr on Carrier Valentine) Leyland Retriever Truck   French Somua... read more

Additions to the Club’s WWII arsenal, Axis

Some additions to the Club’s WWII Axis vehicle selection. German, winter camo SdKfz 265 panzerbefehlswagen (command Pz I) SdKfz 250 Pak 36 Pak 42 Motorcycle with sidecar   German Jagdtiger Panzerjäger I SdKfz 265 panzerbefehlswagen (command Pz I) Pz I Pz II SdKfz 251 Kübelwagen Motorcycle with sidecar   Japan Type 1 Ho-Ni I tank destroyer... read more

Video tutorial: How to make spears

Here is a short video tutorial on how to make realistic wire spears for your miniatures. In this example we use Pendraken 10 mm League of Augsburg figures and 30 mm... read more

Regiment Lorraine in 10mm

I finished Louis XIV’s Regiment Lorraine in 10mm scale. I used 32 figures from the excellent Pendraken League of Augsburg range, my first choice for the army of the Sun King.

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Soldiers of the Sun King

I started painting some of Pendraken’s excellent League of Augsburg 10 mm figures. I thought that lace wars would be a good colourful era after ACW. So of course the first unit on my table was a French regiment. They are grey. Well, some Dutch next I... read more

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