Winter War Campaign

Winter of No Surrender Winter of No Surrender (WoNS) is part of our official WWII CoC Grande Campaign. Players on both sides will have their own player characters leading platoons (on the Finnish side) and companies (Soviet side) / other forces and engage in historical scenarios over 105 days of fighting on the Karelian Isthmus. Any characters surviving the Winter …

Napoleonic TV – Captain Coignet

Found a nice old gem from youtube the other day, a French Canadian co-production of the life and adventures of Capitaine Jean Roch Coignet Grenadier de la Garde Impériale. This is a dramatisation of the notebooks of a napoleonic guardsman, who served all the way through from the Italian Campaign of 1800 to Waterloo in 1815. The production quality and …

SU-122 Assault Gun

The Red Army encountered German Sturmgeschutz assault guns for the first time in 1941. The advantages of assault guns were that they were less expensive to produce than tanks with rotating turrets and that a larger gun could be fitted onto the same chassis. The Soviet Union was struggling with raw material shortages which made assault guns an attractive proposition.

Finnish flags

Most of the regiments used the provincial coat of arms as the emblem in their colours. In most cases each regiment had the same number of colours as it had batallions or squadrons. Jaegers had no colours. The pdf file below has a number of ready-to-print flags.

Swedish uniforms

In these tables you’ll find info on the uniform colors used by Finnish and Swedish units. Info on the equipment can be found on the painting the miniatures -page.

History of the Russo-Swedish War

Background The defeat of the Russian army at Friedland in 1807 brought end to the third coalition against France. With this victory and Treaty of Tilsit, Napoleon was virtually the master of western Europe, all the way to new Duchy of Warsaw.

15mm Russo-Swedish War 1808-09

Read how we refought six key battles on the 200th anniversary of the Russo-Swedish war 1808-09.   Read more Introduction History of the War Battles we recreated Figure reviews Finnish and Swedish uniforms Flags for Finnish and Swedish regiments Converting figures for Finns and Swedes Painting Finnish and Swedish figures Advice on modeling the Russian Army Advice for basing figures …