Battle reports

CoC Nijmegen, across the river

The American paratroopers managed to cross the river Waal with 30 percent losses, and in this game they were tasked with spearheading the advance towards the bridges. Eero was charging towards the old fort and Aksu was to advance under the railroad, into the town and onto the road bridge. Eero ran into stiff opposition and suffered severe losses before …

Battle reports

CoC Nijmegen,  crossing the Waal

The third battle in our Chain of Command Nijmegen campaign saw Aksu and Eero as the paratroopers of the 504th cross the Waal river. The actual crossing and the losses we suffered depended on pure luck. Both platoons lost a third of their strength to German fire.  The tabletop game depicted the last 150 yards the paras had to cross …

Longstreet, last battle of 1862

Our second Longstreet campaign has reached the end of 1862. Eero (CS) and Janne (US) had the honour of finishing the year. The battle was light in casualties, but both armies were decimated by disease afterwards. Janne won the encounter, placing the US firmly in the lead in battles won.       

Longstreet 1862

Our second Longstreet campaign had reached the year 1862. Today Eero is leading the confederate defence against Janne’s Union forces. This is a 2 vs 2 game, Antti as the other confederate and Petri playing the NPC Union General.    The battle rages on. Let’s see who will win, who will be the hero of the day.

Longstreet battle 2

Eero (CS) and Petri (US) fought yesterday in a nail-biting-finale Longstreet game. The confederates were defending a rail embankment, the union were massed behind a stream ready to attack.     In a cunning stratagem the confederates launched a spoiling attack with their cavalry, trapping the union behind the stream. On the other flank the union pushed forward in a large …