Back to the FoF Front

We’ve been busy re-learning Force on Force after a long stint of Napoleonics. We are preparing for an 1980s Afghanistan campaign, and we felt it might be a good idea to do a few training games before risking any valuable campaign assets.
I do declare we were right. It is amazing how much one can forget about the rules if one does not play a game regularly. Luckily the core mechanics of Force on Force are pretty simple. So far we’ve only managed to screw up on the following “minor” points:

  • Remembering that losses cause morale checks
  • How to make morale checks
  • How to handle bail out checks
  • Movement makes it harder to shoot with RPGs
  • Shooting at buildings
  • Mounting and dismounting – vehicles can’t move
  • Effect of crew losses on vehicles
  • How to handle ambush firing  – we had a collective brain meltdown handling the action-reaction cycles on this one

Anyway, good fun is being had, and soon we will have an opportunity to move to the friendlier climate of Afghanistan from the cold war in Germany.

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