Old Games – Blenheim

   Having a bit of a lace wars phase ongoing at the moment I was happy to discover this early 80s gem in my bookshelf. The promotional game I received with my subscription of the Wargamer magazine: Blenheim, the game of Marlborough’s most famous victory. I hope I haven’t lost any of the counters. 

Longstreet 1862

Our second Longstreet campaign had reached the year 1862. Today Eero is leading the confederate defence against Janne’s Union forces. This is a 2 vs 2 game, Antti as the other confederate and Petri playing the NPC Union General.    The battle rages on. Let’s see who will win, who will be the hero of the day.

I love the smell of wargaming in the morning

Our roving reporter Aksu popped over to Colours at Newbury Racecourse to pick up some Pendraken goodies. On several occasions fellow gamers were overheard to say  “Wargames conventions used to smell like BO. Now they smell like laser cut MDF. ” Indeed, amazing variety and great quality ready cut houses and other terrain are now available. We are being spoiled. 

Longstreet battle 2

Eero (CS) and Petri (US) fought yesterday in a nail-biting-finale Longstreet game. The confederates were defending a rail embankment, the union were massed behind a stream ready to attack.     In a cunning stratagem the confederates launched a spoiling attack with their cavalry, trapping the union behind the stream. On the other flank the union pushed forward in a large …