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2 thoughts on “ACW Battle Diorama Video”

  • Mikko Asikainen July 12, 2015 at 09:36

    Looks great! What did you use for the fields?

    1. GeMiGaBoK July 12, 2015 at 10:29

      The yellow wheat fields are out-of-the-box model railroad stuff, German (picked it up from a toy store in Munich, a great country for model trains etc). Busch Mini-Wildgras-Teppich 7292 it says on the bottom. It comes in 40×25 cm sheets in various colours. Seems to benefit from some flocking of the edges once you cut it into shape.
      – The other fields are scratch built. Basically artists’ cardboard (not sure what it is in english, the 2 mm or so stuff that doesn’t warp as much as normal cardboard. Mount Board?) painted and flocked – some of them have the flock in rows, some are more fallow and have flock scattered. And the raised edges done with green-tinted pumice gel. These are my favourite terrain pieces at the moment, you can plop a lot of them down to represent clear terrain in a rural setting.
      – I really need to start doing these fields in a modular way, so that every edge follows some multiple of base width. Since I also play 15 mm with 30 and 40 mm base widths (Naps and Renaissance and BKC/CWC) it seems that 12 cm and 6/18 cm would be fairly ok base module lengths.


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